SIRHA will be the most complete Assisted Reproduction registry 

For many years, assisted reproduction specialists have been requesting more information regarding the techniques, results, patients and other aspects involved in the process, such as gamete donors. Although this has…

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24 January, 2021

Ana Corachán: “Our goal is to improve efficacy in uterine fibroid treatment through personalized therapy.”

Ana Corachán is a former student of the Master in Biotechnology of Assisted Human Reproduction and postdoctoral researcher in the Treatment and Diagnosis of Uterine Diseases Research Group at Fundación…

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22 December, 2020

Five Researchers from IVI among the grantees of Carlos III Healt Institute

Five IVI Ph.D. researchers have received grants from the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII, Instituto de Salud Carlos III) after the resolution on the convening of the Strategic Action in…

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11 December, 2020

Gametogenesis and ovogenesis, fundamental for reproductive success

Among the Assisted Reproduction procedures, there exist some essential biological fundamentals such as gametogenesis, spermatogenesis and ovogenesis. Ovogenesis and spermatogenesis play a key role in the stimulation procedures used in…

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20 November, 2020

Diabetes and reproduction. An additional problem or a cause of infertility?

Diabetes is a disease that can affect fertility and may also be associated with other types of reproductive problems. This disease therefore could be a source or an aggravating factor…

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