Hysteroscopic treatment of uterine malformations

Online course

ECMEC's credits

October 2020

E-learning Platform: IVIRMA Campus

Coordinators: Dr. Elena LABARTA & Dr. Jaime FERRO

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Module 1: Epidemiology, Etiology and Classification

1.1 Embryological origin, prevalence and causes of uterine malformations. Maribel ACIÉN (Spain)

Module 2: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

2.1 Clinical implications of uterine malformations. Christos VENETIS (Greece)
2.2 The key role of 3D ultrasound in the diagnosis of uterine anomalies. Elena LABARTA (Spain)
2.3 Differential diagnosis: Adenomyosis as a cause of acquired dysmorphic uterus. Jose Manuel PUENTE (Spain)
2.4 Hysteroscopic management of uterine malformations: surgical strategy and results. Attilio DI SPIEZIO SARDO (Italy)

Module 3: Research and Update

3.1 Impact of hysteroscopic surgery in obstetric outcomes. Linnea R. GOODMAN (USA)

Module 4: Keynote Lecture of the Expert

4.1 Masterclass in hysteroscopic metroplasty. Jaime FERRO (Spain)

Clinical Cases and Final Exam

You will learn

This is a course focused on uterine malformations and their impact on fertility, paying special attention to their classification, diagnosis and surgical treatment


World recognize professionals in Reproductive Medicine

After completing the course

You will be certified as a specialist in the field of reproductive surgery and launch your professional career towards success

Course objectives

Emphasize the importance of the maternal side of implantation and update knowledge about uterine malformations and their surgical solutions.

Intended for

Gynecologists with special interest in the field of reproductive medicine and/or minimally invasive surgery

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