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Obstetric is the medical area in charge of studying maternal foetal health. Obstetrics gynaecologists are those doctors who follow the pregnancy from conception until delivery. Due to the high incidence of infertility in our society, obstetrics has had to progress and adapt itself to the new circumstances. A high rate of multiple pregnancies, the high age of women during their first pregnancy and other added issues, have appeared lately in pregnancies after an assisted reproduction treatment.

In IVIRMA, we are aware of the training needs the obstetrics professionals have, and we offer courses that help them provide a better attention and more confidence to their patients and their babies, such as gynaecology and obstetrics free online courses.

There are other popular courses, such as a clinical care courses or clinical best practices courses, which are very popular among doctors taking care of reproduction patients, who are well informed and very demanding.

Gynaecology and obstetrics are essential for delivering a healthy baby, the aim of assisted reproduction. That is why it is so important these three specialties go together during the reproductive process of an infertile woman.