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Paediatrics is the medical area that safeguards the health of human beings, from their birth until they become teenagers.

After birth, the paediatricians work is essential in early diagnosis of any disease, as well as in the prevention of many others, thanks to their medical advice.

With the increase in the number of children born by reproductive techniques, paediatrics has had to expand its perinatal knowledge of these babies, who are, in general, in good health. However, some of them are premature, and they may need special attention.

Paediatricians have become the last step of reproductive medicine. On the one hand, the perinatal data they offer to reproductive clinics are essential to reach successful treatments and, on the other hand, by these professionals monitoring and caring babies conceived in vitro, an improvement in perinatal health is achieved that will be reflected in the health of the child as an adult.

Paediatrics has advanced at the pace of assisted reproduction, to respond to new perinatal needs. A more holistic training of paediatricians allows a better knowledge of their patients. How they have been conceived, their mother’s history, the evolution of the pregnancy, their birth… Providing paediatric professionals information on reproductive techniques closes a perfect circle in baby’s health.

Thus, in IVIRMA, we have masters and courses in reproduction in which the paediatric professionals can enrol to update their knowledge and better understand the gynaecological and obstetric processes that have given rise to a good part of their current patients.