Master Degree In the Biotechnology Of Human Assisted Reproduction And Embryology Online (ivi)

AREA: Reproduction


DATES: 28/11/2017 – 08/01/2019


CENTER: IVI Valencia


28/11/2017 – 08/01/2019



Intended to

Licenciados en Ciencias Biomédicas (Biólogos, Médicos, Veterinarios, Farmacéuticos y afines)


This Master provides students with a highly advanced theoretical understanding of human reproductive biology; embryology; fertility mechanisms and the causes of infertility; the techniques employed to overcome this by using cutting-edge assisted reproductive technology (ART) as well as state-of-the-art research techniques applied in different circumstances to the study and treatment of human sterility.

More than 50 experts with clinical, teaching and research experience of more than 20 years who work in all areas of the prestigious Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad (Valencian Institute of Infertility, IVI), where over 25,000 assisted reproduction treatments are performed a year, share their extensive knowledge, skills and experience to provide students with the most up-to-date theoretical information. This program is aimed at recent graduates with a Degree in Biomedical Sciences and also at professionals working in this area who wish to refresh their knowledge so as to provide their patients with the best possible attention and assistance on offer today.

During the past few decades there has been a growing demand for assisted reproduction techniques in both developed and developing countries. This is usually as a result of the advanced maternal age of first time mothers, harmful life habits and diverse genetic and environmental factors.

This has led to a notable increase in the number of infertile patients needing to be treated, a boom of new assisted reproduction units and the consequent need for trained professionals in all areas concerned with reproductive medicine, especially laboratories, the real “black-box” of assisted reproduction success. This area is also one of the most dynamic in medicine, where new advances are constantly taking place, leading to the need for a constant upgrade of knowledge and techniques applicable to infertility diagnosis and treatments.

Biomedical sciences professionals must remain updated about the best available knowledge for every circumstance. Although much of this knowledge can be found in different international forums, such as meetings or congresses, there are almost no regulated studies involving both the essential training elements for every professional working in reproductive medicine added to the dynamism of the most recent findings and procedures.

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Nicolás Garrido Puchalt
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