Online course in Sex Determination Techniques

AREA: Reproduction


PLACE: Online campus

DATES: 02/04/2019 – 30/04/2019




From 04/02/2019 until 04/30/2019

Course Duration

8 hours


Online campus



Course intended for:

Andrologists, Embryologists, Specialists in Reproductive Medicine, Researchers, Gynecologists, Physicians, Resident Gynecologists and Graduates and Students in Biomedical Sciences (Biology, Medicine, Veterinary, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, etc.).


This course describes firstly the molecular bases of sex, genes implied in sex determination and hormones involved in sexual differentiation. These definitions allow the description of a set of pathologies related to gene or hormone alterations that will generate potential patients of assisted reproduction treatments. It describes the molecular bases of sex selection to later deepen in the technical procedure and the advantages that sex selection offer to livestock and endangered species. In the end, it considers alternative sex selection methods and a deep analysis of the alterations in the sex ratio due to biological, environmental or cultural reasons.


  1. Animal sexing
  2. Analysis of the sperm DNA content
  3. Legislation according to sex determination
  4. Sex Determination
  5. Sex differentiation in mammals
  6. Sex differentiation in humans
  7. Advantages of sexual reproduction
  8. Clinical relevance of preconception and preimplantation sex selection in humans
  9. Alternative sexing methods
  10. Alterations in the sex ratio

Important information: To complete the course, you must use the browsers Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11 (with the exception of Microsoft Edge) on a computer with Windows Operating System (7, 8 or 10). The platform should not be accessed through mobile devices and / or tablets, regardless of the Operating System.

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