Online Course in Stem Cells

AREA: Reproduction


PLACE: Online campus

DATES: 02/07/2019 – 23/07/2019




From 07/02/2019 until 07/23/2019

Course Duration

11 hours


Online campus

Course intended for


Course intended for

Andrologists, Embryologists, Specialists in Reproductive Medicine, Researchers, Gynecologists, Physicians, Resident Gynecologists and Graduates and Students in Biomedical Sciences (Biology, Medicine, Veterinary, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, etc.).


This course provides the knowledge about stem cells and their application in reproduction medicine.

It starts with the basic concept of stem cell and stem cell types according to their origin and differentiation potential. It considers regenerative medicine, which is a new concept in medicine that tries to repair organs and tissues through the cell replacement therapy with its advantages and contraindications.


  1. Stem cells
  2. Uterus transplantation
  3. Multipotent cells: umbilical cord
  4. Adult stem cells in human testicles
  5. Somatic stem cells in the human endometrium
  6. Tissue bioengineering
  7. Pluripotent stem cells: types and general aspects
  8. Ovarian rejuvenation and stem cells: applications and future perspectives
  9. Fertility preservation
  10. Gamete generation from stem cells
  11. Bioethics and legislation of stem cell research

Important information: To complete the course, you must use the browsers Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11 (with the exception of Microsoft Edge) on a computer with Windows Operating System (7, 8 or 10). The platform should not be accessed through mobile devices and / or tablets, regardless of the Operating System.

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