OPEN VIRTUAL DAY: Master of continuing education in the Biotechnology of Human Assisted Reproduction and Embryology

AREA: Assisted Reproduction



STUDENTS: 1/100 (1%)




SPEAKER: Dr. Nicolás Garrido, Dr. Nuria Pellicer, and Dr. Marcos Meseguer

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16:00h CEST Time


IVIRMA Global Education – Teams




Nicolás Garrido, Ph.D. IVI Foundation Director

Nuria Pellicer, MD, Ph.D. Gynecolgist, specialist in Reproductive Medicine

Marcos Meseguer, Ph.D. Scientific Supervisor and Senior Embryologist at the IVI Valencia IVF unit

Intended for

Biomedical Sciences final year students who wish to focus their professional career towards Reproductive Medicine

Professionals from Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnologists, Embryologists and Gynecologists who wish to expand their knowledge in the field of Assisted Reproduction


There is a considerable global increase in the need for assisted reproductive techniques by the general population, many times related to the delay in the maternal age at which it is intended to conceive, as well as in lifestyle habits and other factors genetic and environmental nature.

In response to this need, the number of patients waiting to receive treatment for their sterility or infertility has also grown, as well as the increase in assisted reproduction centers and, therefore, require highly trained professionals in reproductive medicine.

In the Master of continuing education in the Biotechnology of Human Assisted Reproduction and Embryology, more than 50 IVIRMA professionals participate as teachers who have extensive clinical and teaching experience and more than two decades of research to train students with the more up-to-date and complete materials, so that both graduates and professionals will be able to offer their patients the best treatment according to their knowledge.

Now more than ever it is important that you think about your future and that is why we continue to be with you: sign up for our online event. It will allow you to get to know our master's degree in depth, chat with the program director and specialists in the field... and we will solve all your doubts!


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Event Agenda 

September, 17th – 16:00 pm (CEST Time)

16:00 Presentation of the program

Dr. Nicolás Garrido, Co-Director of the Master and Director of the IVI Foundation

16:25h Clinical Practice in Assisted Reproduction

Dr. Nuria Pellicer, MD, PhD. Specialist in Reproductive Medicine at IVI Valencia 

16:45h The day to day in the Embryology Laboratory

Dr. Marcos Meseguer, Ph.D. Scientific Supervisor at IVI Valencia 

17:00h Question time

17:15h Closing


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