Webinar: Implantation – a challenge

AREA: Gynecology, Reproduction


SEATS: 200

STUDENTS: 200/200 (100%)

HOURS: 1 theoretical

DATES: 16/04/2020


SPEAKER: Juan Antonio García-Velasco




17:00 GMT+2


IVI Global Education 




Prof. Juan Antonio García-Velasco

IVI Madrid Director

Intended to

Specialists in Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnologists, Embryologists and Gynecological Doctors specialized in Reproductive Medicine.


Still an enigma, implantation keeps being the main limiting factor for a successful IVF cycle.  But recent data confirms what we have suspected from years: it is not an equally distributed factor between the embryo and the endometrium, being the embryo clearly the key factor. 

Recent data from our group has shown that cumulative live birth rate after 3 euploid SET may reach 95% in women under 38, so very little room for the other factors to have a role.  But not everything are chromosomal gains or losses, as euploid embryos from advanced maternal age have a very high implantation potential, but not exactly the same. 

And even with these results, we should not forget about other relevant topics that may compromise embryo implantation. Today issues such as adenomyosis, hysteroscopic evaluation of the cavity prior to IVF cycle or even endometrial scratching, all the different studies on endometrial transcriptomics or about microbiome, or even endometrial immunology are being discussed and we need to be aware of the current evidence to explain to our patients.


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