10 Scientific findings regarding tobacco and fertility

Tobacco and fertility are not a good binomial for reproductive health. In fact, one of the images that we often see on cigarette packs to warn us of tobacco’s harmful…

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Gamete donation in the era of SARS-CoV-2

Although the worst of SARS-CoV-2 seems to be behind us in Spain, there are many doubts as to its effects, transmission, and consequences in a post-COVID society. One of the…

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28 April, 2020

Safety and health at work after COVID: Taking care of ourselves so that we can take care of our patients

Today is the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, an especially significant date given our present situation. As health workers, we are usually the ones who care for…

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18 April, 2020

European Day of Patients’ Rights

"It is not normal to reach our reproductive age without knowing anything about our fertility and its limits. This knowledge should be a fundamental right," declares Helena Fernández, president of…

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6 April, 2020

World Health Day

On the occasion of the World Health Day, Prof. Antonio Pellicer, presidente de IVI (Valencian Institute of Infertility), it brings us closer to the current panorama in terms of health,…

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