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We offer a wide range of specialist services, specifically designed to meet the needs and objectives of each of our customers, on the basis of their own needs and objectives.

13 December, 2022

Is immunology a factor in infertility?

When a person gets pregnant, her body uses special cells called uterine Natural Killer (NK) cells to identify the presence of the embryo, to help it find the right path… Read more

14 November, 2022

Does diabetes pose a challenge in the pursuit of parenthood?

Every year since 2006, November 14 marks the date for raising awareness of Diabetes mellitus. It is a growing threat in our healthcare system; according to data from the International… Read more

25 July, 2022

2022 could be the year when biology is recognised as a health profession

Biologists in the field of healthcare have been demanding recognition of their work as healthcare professionals for over twenty-five years, but to no avail. After years of struggle and several… Read more

IVIRMA Global Education

We are IVIRMA Global Education, the educational institution of IVIRMA’s group, specialized in the field of Human Assisted Reproduction.

Our educational program offers a wide range of master’s and specialist courses aimed at training and updating the technical skills of those professionals interested in this field of knowledge.