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9th Edition 2020 November

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21 October, 2020

Single Embryo Transfer, the importance of transferring a single and improved embryo

One of the objectives of Assisted Reproduction (AR) is to strive to achieve the same benefits of natural reproduction, one of them being the birth of a single baby. In… Read more

4 September, 2020

IVI Global Education, Ecosystem of Training for Assisted Reproduction Professionals

Miguel Tablado, Chief Education Officer IVI-RMA Global, tells us how Covid-19 has affected the educational landscape and shows us the differences between the different options we currently find in digital… Read more

28 August, 2020

Turner Syndrome, the congenital infertility of girls with only one X chromosome

August 28th is World Turner Syndrome Day, a disease that only affects women. But what does it involve in concrete terms? Turner Syndrome is one of the most frequent chromosomal… Read more

IVI Global Education

We are IVI Global RMA’s educational institution, specializing in the field of Assisted Human Reproduction. IVI Global RMA is a leading company worldwide with more than 70 clinics in 14 countries.

Our educational program offers a wide range of master’s and specialist courses aimed at training and updating the technical skills of those professionals interested in this field of knowledge.