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11 February, 2021

“Today, women dominate science, but some Nobel Prizes are required to provide visibility for our worth”

Dr Nuria Pellicer (29 years old), was born in Valencia into a family of healthcare workers and researchers. Her grandfather was a doctor and her father was one of the… Read more

SIRHA will be the most complete Assisted Reproduction registry 

For many years, assisted reproduction specialists have been requesting more information regarding the techniques, results, patients and other aspects involved in the process, such as gamete donors. Although this has… Read more

24 January, 2021

Ana Corachán: “Our goal is to improve efficacy in uterine fibroid treatment through personalized therapy.”

Ana Corachán is a former student of the Master in Biotechnology of Assisted Human Reproduction and postdoctoral researcher in the Treatment and Diagnosis of Uterine Diseases Research Group at Fundación… Read more

IVI Global Education

We are IVI Global RMA’s educational institution, specializing in the field of Assisted Human Reproduction. IVI Global RMA is a leading company worldwide with more than 70 clinics in 14 countries.

Our educational program offers a wide range of master’s and specialist courses aimed at training and updating the technical skills of those professionals interested in this field of knowledge.