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31 May, 2023

Low progesterone levels compromise embryo implantation

Recently, IVIRMA has carried out various studies regarding the importance of progesterone in the luteal phase. Findings indicate that the rate of an on-going pregnancy is reduced by up to… Read more

8 May, 2023

Six medical scientific societies reach a consensus on the role of obesity in infertility

Regarded as one of the major global health problems, obesity is now an epidemic in our society. Across Europe, more than half of the adult population and one in three… Read more

24 March, 2023

The 10th edition of the IVIRMA Congress: Internationally renowned scientists in Reproductive Medicine will meet at the most awaited biennial event of the year.

Ongoing innovation is paramount when it comes to maintaining excellence in any field, and in reproductive medicine. This is why we are delighted to announce that on April 20th, 21st… Read more

IVIRMA Global Education

We are IVIRMA Global Education, the educational institution of IVIRMA’s group, specialized in the field of Human Assisted Reproduction.

Our educational program offers a wide range of master’s and specialist courses aimed at training and updating the technical skills of those professionals interested in this field of knowledge.