Online course in Fertility in Oncology

AREA: Gynecology, Assisted Reproduction



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07/11/2024 – 22/12/2024


CENTER: IVIRMA Global Education

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07/11/2024 – 22/12/2024


25 theoretical




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This course is accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).Once course is completed you will be awarded with 25 ECMEC´s credits. More information in FAQ´s.

Intended for

Graduates of Biomedical Areas and Health Sciences.




You will learn about the most relevant aspects of fertility in cancer patients. The effects of cancer on fertility, the effects of oncological treatments on gametes, the preservation of fertility in men and women, the genetic aspects of cancer and fertility, the risks of assisted reproduction treatments, the control of pregnancy after cancer, bioethical and legal aspects. The objectives are:

-        To acquire a complete and advanced training in reproductive oncology.

-        To learn about the relationship between cancer and fertility in men, as well as the gonadotoxicity of the different treatments and prevention.

-        To understand the diagnostic process of cancer in a woman of reproductive age, as well as its impact on her ovarian reserve.

-        To understand the gonadotoxicity of different cancer treatments in women.

-        To learn the genetic mechanisms of predisposition to cancer and decreased ovarian reserve.

-        To learn the different techniques and protocols for preserving fertility in women and the risks of cancer in fertility treatments.

-        To learn about the necessary diagnostic processes in a pregnant woman with cancer and the control of pregnancy once the disease is in remission.

-        To learn the bioethical and legal aspects of fertility in oncology.




The expected learning outcomes that the student will acquire at the end of the course are:

1. Knowledge of the diagnosis and management of cancer in women of reproductive age and pregnant women.

2. Knowledge of the different fertility effects of oncological treatments.

3. Knowledge of how to apply fertility prevention procedures prior to cancer treatment and the different protocols available.

4. Understanding of the diagnosis of cancer in pregnant women and the control of pregnancy once it is in remission.

5. Knowledge of the principles of bioethics and the Spanish legal framework in relation to fertility and oncology.


1. Fertility in oncology patients

1.1 Fertility Cancer Male

1.2 Gonadotoxicity Male

1.3 Cancer Diagnosis Female

1.4 Ovarian Reserve Impairment

1.5 Gonadotoxic Chemotherapy

1.6 Radiotherapy Fertility

1.7 Genetic Mechanisms

1.8 Hereditary Cancer

2. Prophylaxis and Obstetrics in the oncological patient

2.1 Pre-Chemotherapy Preservation

2.2 Preservation Ovarian Cortex

2.3 Fertility preservation results in the oncology patient

2.4 Ovarian Stimulation Risks

2.5 Ovarian Stimulation in Oncologic Preservation. Low Response Protocols

2.6 Fertility Treatments and Cancer Risks

2.7 Gestation control in the post-cancer patient

2.8 Oncologic diagnosis in pregnant women

3. Ethics and Psychology of the oncology patient

3.1 Bioethics of gestation in the oncology patient

3.2 Psychological aspects of fertility in oncology patients

3.3 Legislation and assisted reproduction in oncology patients

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