29 April, 2022

Is immunology a factor in infertility?

When a person gets pregnant, her body uses special cells called uterine Natural Killer (NK) cells to identify the presence of the embryo, to help it find the right path…

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12 April, 2022

“The objective evaluation and improvement of oocyte quality is one of embryology’s upcoming challenges,” Cristina Rodriguez

Cristina Rodríguez, a researcher at IVI Valencia, left Galicia where she trained as a biologist to further her education in assisted reproduction. She is currently completing her PhD on in…

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25 February, 2022

IVIRMA and the Swiss embassy meet to address the present and the future of fertility

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Swiss embassy in Spain and Andorra, the World Symposium on Assisted Reproduction was held yesterday, 24 th February, at the Santiago…

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16 February, 2022

“Girls need to know that what they do or do not achieve is entirely up to them” Marga Esbert. International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Dr. Marga Esbert, research coordinator at IVIRMA Barcelona, has been pursuing a new level of research in New Jersey for two years now. As a biologist, she focused for many…

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24 January, 2022

Education and training, these are the differences

Education is a human right, a public good and a collective responsibility. That is why the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed today, 24 January, the International Day of Education. At…

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