25 July, 2022

2022 could be the year when biology is recognised as a health profession

Biologists in the field of healthcare have been demanding recognition of their work as healthcare professionals for over twenty-five years, but to no avail. After years of struggle and several…

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20 July, 2022

Automatically selected embryos, Artificial Intelligence arrives at the IVF laboratory

What is essential is invisible to the eye, or so it is often said, but sometimes it is not that something escapes our appreciation, but rather that we do not…

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The importance of the Reproductive Nursing Specialization

Medicine is constantly progressing at an ever-accelerating pace, and so are the areas that accompany it as they seek accreditation and specialization. In our blog, we recently discussed the importance…

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11 May, 2022

Regenerative medicine is how IVIRMA researchers approach ovarian rejuvenation

Advanced maternal age is the reason for most assisted reproduction cycles performed with donor oocytes. Premature ovarian failure is the second cause, affecting 1% of the population. Ovodonation is a…

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29 April, 2022

Is immunology a factor in infertility?

When a person gets pregnant, her body uses special cells called uterine Natural Killer (NK) cells to identify the presence of the embryo, to help it find the right path…

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