5 November, 2019

Abolishing anonymity in gamete donation

The Spanish Fertility Society warns about the problems posed by abolishing anonymity in gamete donation. The Spanish Fertility Society (SEF in Spanish) has compiled a document entitled Perspective on the…

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11 October, 2019

Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine

Over the past few years, Medicine and Biology have undergone great advances in technology and knowledge. One of the fields that has evolved the most is that of stem cells…

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Would you like to specialize in Embryology?

41 years ago today, Louise Brown was born, the first baby conceived by in vitro fertilization (IVF). Thanks to this momentous event, July 25 has become the World Embryologist Day.…

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How does Assisted Reproduction affect family relationships?

Around 20% of all couples at childbearing age experience infertility. Assisted reproduction is a possible solution to this problem giving rise to complex family models. As an example of an…

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18 March, 2019

The seminal quality of infertile patients

Fathers are also important: a recent IVIRMA study indicates that the seminal quality of infertile patients shows a negative trend over the past 10 years. Although Father's Day is a…

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