4 September, 2020

IVI Global Education, Ecosystem of Training for Assisted Reproduction Professionals

Miguel Tablado, Chief Education Officer IVI-RMA Global, tells us how Covid-19 has affected the educational landscape and shows us the differences between the different options we currently find in digital…

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28 August, 2020

Turner Syndrome, the congenital infertility of girls with only one X chromosome

August 28th is World Turner Syndrome Day, a disease that only affects women. But what does it involve in concrete terms? Turner Syndrome is one of the most frequent chromosomal…

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How to choose the best Master’s Degree in Assisted Reproduction

Lifelong learning is one of the most highly-rated items in the CV and academic background of any professional. In the healthcare field, however, it is essential because it signifies the…

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When is World Fertility Day celebrated?

In Spain, we are well aware that June is the month for fertility. And the (In)Fertility Day is June 4th. How about in the rest of the world? We are…

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10 Scientific findings regarding tobacco and fertility

Tobacco and fertility are not a good binomial for reproductive health. In fact, one of the images that we often see on cigarette packs to warn us of tobacco’s harmful…

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