24 March, 2023

The 10th edition of the IVIRMA Congress: Internationally renowned scientists in Reproductive Medicine will meet at the most awaited biennial event of the year.

Ongoing innovation is paramount when it comes to maintaining excellence in any field, and in reproductive medicine. This is why we are delighted to announce that on April 20th, 21st…

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23 February, 2023

Discover the essential role that the luteal phase plays in Assisted Reproduction

The luteal phase refers to the second part of the menstrual cycle, which takes place during the approximate 14-day period from ovulation to menstruation. Progesterone is the maincomponent, helping to…

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10 February, 2023

“Among scientists there is no difference between genders, but rather between people”, Irene Cervelló on International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Today, like every 11 February, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science is taking place, and to commemorate it we want to join the necessary conversation about equality…

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13 December, 2022

Is immunology a factor in infertility?

When a person gets pregnant, her body uses special cells called uterine Natural Killer (NK) cells to identify the presence of the embryo, to help it find the right path…

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14 November, 2022

Does diabetes pose a challenge in the pursuit of parenthood?

Every year since 2006, November 14 marks the date for raising awareness of Diabetes mellitus. It is a growing threat in our healthcare system; according to data from the International…

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