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Research in reproductive medicine is essential to continue advancing in the treatment of infertile couples. Nowadays, there are many lines of researches going on in the world, looking for solutions to the infertility problems of millions of women and men at reproductive age.

In IVIRMA, from the very beginning, we have developed a research work that has placed us at the forefront of reproduction, thanks to the discovery of new techniques, and the validation of many others under development.

Research in women’s health has allowed us to increase the success rates of treatments, as well as their safety.

In IVIRMA Global Education, we share all this knowledge through our courses, as well as research skills, which are basic for any reproductive professional.

The online clinical research course is a good starting point for those who are new to the field of reproductive medicine and wish to focus their career not only on the treatment of the infertile patient, but also on the development of therapies.

In addition, at IVIRMA’s campus, research is one of the foundations on which all courses are based. All our teachers are researchers, and their research work is a reference in their field.