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Reproduction is a medical area with clear phases: the pre-conceptional, and the conceptional or obstetric. According to WHO, one of every four couples have trouble conceiving and need the help of assisted reproduction in order to fulfil their reproduction issues.

In IVIRMA, we know first-hand the training requirements the physicians should have regarding reproductive medicine. That is why we have a continuous training plan, bringing together our courses about assisted reproduction and our Master in Human Reproduction.

Our medical training programme is focused in a customized training, setting one itinerary or another, depending on the training needs in assisted reproduction. In IVIRMA, the physician can choose from webinars in medical training to streaming classes, or classroom courses in medical training.

IVI courses about assisted reproduction are intended to train all healthcare professionals who are part of this field of reproductive medicine: lab technics courses, nursing courses, gynaecology and obstetrics courses, assisted reproduction courses, embryology courses, andrology courses, psychology courses, canalization courses, midwives’ courses, etc.

Both the medical courses and the courses for other healthcare professionals in reproductive medicine are given by world-renowned specialty doctors, mostly developers or drivers of the technics and protocols they teach.

The Master in Reproductive Biotechnology and the Master in Human Assisted Reproduction are two of the most requested programmes from IVIRMA.