IVI Global Education’s broad training program is optimally adapted to our students’ needs, with updated programs aimed at top-level specialization.

Our teaching model is based on the personal development of each student via on-site or online classes given by top international experts.

In this section we will answer the different general questions that may arise while using this website platform.

1. How can I enroll in a course?

Enrollment is done online. Once you register as a user on this website, please log in with your username and password, and then click on the option “Enroll”.

2. Is it possible to get a refund if I cannot attend the course?

No. The registration fee will not be refunded once the course has started.
In the case of not being able to attend the course for justified reasons, the student will be able to attend the next edition of the course or enroll in another course in which he/she is interested.
If you need to contact us you can write to the following e-mail address: education.info@ivirma.com

3. What should I do if I am not able to attend a course I am registered for?

In this case, you must inform the course coordinator before the start date, so they can unregister you.

4. How can I obtain the payment receipt for a course?

From your student login, you have the option to generate a payment receipt. Go to “course data” and then to “receipt”.

3. How can I register for a master’s degree?

You can register for each master’s degree via the website of the university that delivers the course. You will find the link to the corresponding university’s website in the information for the relevant postgraduate course.

4. Can I get a certificate of attendance or a diploma certifying the completion of my training?

Once you have completed the course you will have the option to download the certificate online, through this website , by logging in to your user session. Prior to downloading the certificate, you will need to complete a quality survey.

Online courses: To successfully complete the course and obtain the corresponding diploma, the student must obtain a percentage greater than or equal to 70% of correct answers in the final evaluation. For this, you will have two opportunities to take the exam.

Face-to-face courses, streaming and webinars: In order to obtain the certificate of attendance it will be necessary to have attended the corresponding training.

7. Will I receive an attendance certificate on completion of the course?

Yes, once you have completed the course, you will have an option to download the Certificate online, via the Website, using your user login. Before downloading the Certificate, you must complete a quality survey.

5. If, when trying to download my Certificate I see the following message “Access to downloading Certificate denied”, what should I do?

In this case please contact the coordinator of the course so that he/she can review the status of your Certificate. Once reviewed, you will be informed on how to proceed.

6. IVIRMA Campus, e-learning platform

IVIRMA Campus is an e-learning platform that IVI Global Education makes available for students to develop their professional skills and enjoy learning.

The learning method is based on virtual attendance to lectures. Course contents comprise narrated slides as well as multimedia materials, videos, pdf documents and image galleries that will improve the understanding of the subject.

The assessment method consists of a continuous assessment protocol including standardized tests, case studies and development activities in order to promote the assimilation of knowledge. This set of activities will be tutored and assessed by the corresponding supervisors.

IVIRMA Campus is a multi-device environment that allows access from mobile phones, computers or tablets improving the students’ learning experience. Any queries related to the platform access can be asked through this link.

7. Get your Badge and share it with the world

Once you have completed the final evaluation of the course and successfully passed it, you can obtain the Badge that accredits your knowledge in the field.

How do I get the Badge?
To add a Badge to your Badgr Backpack you must create an account on badgr.com and complete the form that appears when completing a course that includes this type of certification. If you complete the badge obtaining form and you have not created an account on badgr.com, you will simply download it to your device.

What is it for?
Badgr is a platform to create, grant, organize, explore and discover digital badges.
Each Badge can be seen by sharing it with other people, helping them know more about you and your knowledge.

Where can I share it?
- Blogs, websites and ePortfolios.
- Job search portals.
- Social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

8. ECMEC´s Credits

IVI Global Education has received the recognition of the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education for all online training courses provided at IVIRMA Campus, the e-learning platform.

Throughout the year, IVI Global Education offers a wide variety of postgraduate and specialization training programs aimed at professionals in different fields of knowledge related to reproductive medicine, from genetics to the study of infertility causes, IVF and andrology laboratories, embryo culture and the psychological care that patients undergoing different assisted reproduction treatments should receive. Medical specialists studying any online course offered by IVI Global Education will receive a certificate of completion after passing the course requirements including the number of credits assigned to the hours of training.

ECMEC´s credits allow the recognition and exchange of CME credits obtained by medical specialists among all European countries, USA and Canada.