IVI Valencia in collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland
24th February 2022
Ciudad de las Artes y Las Ciencias
Science Museum Auditorium (Museo las Ciencias)
Av. Professor López Piñero, 7
46013 Valencia (Spain)


9:00-9:30h. Registration and welcome

9:30-9:40h. Opening
Antonio Pellicer, IVIRMA Global President
María Amparo García, Managing Director for Health Care at Consellería de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública

9:40-9:50h. Special lecture on COVID-19
María Neira, Director of Public Health and the Environment Department, World Health Organisation
Session 1
9:50h. Ovarian rejuvenation; state of the art
Antonio Pellicer, Spain-Italy

10:20h. Precision Medicine in implantation failure: state of the art
Patricia Díaz-Gimeno, Spain

10:50h. Vaginal/endometrial microbiome: effect on (in)fertility, pregnancy, and birth
Juan García Velasco, Spain

11:20-12:00h. Coffee break
Session 2
12:00h. Stem-cell based generation of eggs and sperm: scientific and society perspectives
Sonia Herraiz, Spain

12:30h. Genome editing in the germ line – promise and risks
Filippo Zambelli, Spain

13:00-13:30h. Apéritif offered by the Ambassador of Switzerland

13:30-14:30h. Lunch
Session 3
14:30h. Health of children born after ART: what do the data tell us?
Anja Pinborg, Denmark

15:00h. Population Ageing and the Role of Medically Assisted Reproduction
Mark Connolly, GMAS

15:30h. Artificial intelligence: applications in reproductive medicine decision making
Marcos Meseguer, Spain

16:00-16:30h. Coffee break
Session 4
16:30h. Joint decision making in infertility treatment planning: what do patients want?
Jacky Boivin, UK

17:00h. Is donor anonymity going to end? Ethical and genetic considerations
Guido Pennings, Belgium

17:30h. Closing
H.E. Mr. Hanspeter Mock, Ambassador of Switzerland to Spain and Andorra

IVIRMA Global Education