In Vitro Fertilization Laboratory

AREA: Assisted Reproduction




CENTER: IVIRMA Global Education

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20 theoretical




350 €


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This course aims to bring the student closer to the concept of the Clinical Embryology Laboratory. We will study the technical aspects, physical resources, equipment, functional aspects, procedures, structural and organizational aspects, and quality management.


Important information:

The online course will be carried out through the e-learning platform: IVIRMA Campus. The student will receive a message with the access information and credentials 24/48 hours before the start of the course.

IVIRMA Campus can be accessed from Windows computers (7, 8 or 10) or Mac, using Chrome or Firefox in its last three versions. Access from mobile devices is not supported and does not ensure the correct operation of the course.

To successfully complete the training and obtain the corresponding certificate, the student must obtain a percentage greater than or equal to 70% of correct answers in the final evaluation. To do this, you will have two opportunities to take the exam.


Learning outcomes expected to be acquired by the student at the end of the course:

1. Identify the organization, physical and documentary, of a reproduction clinic.

2. Systematize the in vivo capacitation procedure and in vivo gamete and pre-embryo recovery methods.

3. Identify a correct fertilization.

4. Select embryos for transfer and freezing.

5. Systematize the tasks carried out in a clinical embryology laboratory.

6. Analyse the interactions between the different sections in a clinical embryology laboratory.


1. The IVF Laboratory: a cleanroom

2. Getting to know the laboratory environment

3. Environmental pollution and the IVF laboratory

4. The IVF Laboratory: structure, equipment and maintenance

5. Oocyte aspiration, capacitation and sperm retrieval protocols. Conventional insemination

6. Sperm selection for ICSI

7. Use of testicular sperm in In Vitro Fertilization

8. Micromanipulation techniques and assisted fertilization: SUZI, PZD, ICSI and associated techniques

9. Evaluation of fertilization: pronuclear score and reproductive outcomes

10. Oocyte dysmorphisms and clinical repercussion

11. Standard embryo culture: selection criteria of embryos eligible for transfer and cryopreservation

12. Embryo transfer

13. Oocyte and embryo cryopreservation

14. The role of the IVF Laboratory in Fertility Preservation

15. Rescue of immature oocytes in In Vitro Fertilization

16. Quality management in the IVF laboratory

17. Key performance indicators (KPIs) in IVF

18. Traceability in the IVF lab


Maria José de los Santos Molina

Finished course

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