Online course in In Vitro Production of Embryos and Embryo Culture

AREA: Gynecology, Assisted Reproduction




CENTER: IVIRMA Global Education

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20 theoretical




350 €


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This course introduces the techniques necessary to obtain embryos in the laboratory with the use of different media that will have an effect on embryo development. In addition, we will learn to distinguish the different types of embryos according to their morphological quality from the first cleavages to the blastocyst stage.



Learning outcomes expected to be acquired by the student at the end of the course:

1. Define the procedures and methods of embryo culture, as well as the culture media needed for its realization.

2. Analyse the importance of the introduction of time-lapse in the daily work of an IVF laboratory and in the redefinition of embryonic parameters

3. Distinguish the different types of embryos according to their morphological quality from the first divisions to the blastocyst stage.

4. Select embryos for transfer and freezing.

5. Apply the knowledge of embryo culture to research in Human Reproduction.

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Important information:

The online course will be carried out through the e-learning platform: IVIRMA Campus. The student will receive a message with the access information and credentials 24/48 hours before the start of the course.

IVIRMA Campus can be accessed from Windows computers (7, 8 or 10) or Mac, using Chrome or Firefox in its last three versions. Access from mobile devices is not supported and does not ensure the correct operation of the course.

To successfully complete the training and obtain the corresponding certificate, the student must obtain a percentage greater than or equal to 70% of correct answers in the final evaluation. To do this, you will have two opportunities to take the exam.


1. Cell culture 

2. Culture media I 

3. Culture media II 

4. Types of prolonged cultures 

5. Application of embryo co-culture in research

6. Embryo development

7. Correlation between morphology and aneuploidies 

8. The blastocyst 


Amparo Mercader Bayarri

Finished course

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