The 10th edition of the IVIRMA Congress: Internationally renowned scientists in Reproductive Medicine will meet at the most awaited biennial event of the year.

Ongoing innovation is paramount when it comes to maintaining excellence in any field, and in reproductive medicine. This is why we are delighted to announce that on April 20th, 21st and 22nd we will be holding the 10th International IVIRMA Congress. This event unites many of the world's leading experts in fertility.

This 10th edition will be held in the city of Malaga. The conference will not only explore the most recent advances in reproductive techniques but will also analyze the new horizons and challenges in the search for solutions to infertility.

The congress highlights will include presentations by Dr. Serdar Bulun on Adenomyosis and Dr. Juan Carlos Izpisua on the mechanisms that control ovarian ageing.

A meeting to discuss the major dilemmas and opportunities in Assisted Reproduction

The program consists of a total of 9 scientific sessions on a wide range of topics, and there will even be parallel sessions on the 21st.

The scientific meeting will focus on the latest advances in endometrial health, ovarian function and embryo selection. The sessions will also address innovative and pioneering issues related to the use of artificial intelligence or ovarian rejuvenation.

The event is also a forum for debate, where leading experts can offer their views on issues such as the existence or not of the window of implantation, whether the decrease in ovarian reserve can be considered a marker of aneuploidy, or the possible role of PGT-A in the discarding of viable embryos. In addition to these quality presentations, there will be three debates on cutting-edge topics, as well as a pre-congress workshop and coffee breaks to establish new professional contacts.

This is a must-attend event on the calendar to discover new treatment approaches, broaden perspectives and network with colleagues in the sector on a global scale. All this with the added attraction of attending the training just a few metres away from the golden sandy beaches and the beautiful Malaga landscape. We're sure you won't want to miss it!

You can consult the timetables and the scientific program in more detail here.

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