At IVI Global Education “we form life”

According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, to create means "to establish, found, introduce something for the first time; make it be born or to give it life". In 1990, two Valencian doctors put all their efforts into "creating", "giving life", to a dream and to that of hundreds of people, for whom, the word "create" went way beyond its definition in the dictionary. For them, it meant being able to form, form a family, form a future, form a desire.

Two decades later, at IVI, we have set ourselves a new challenge.

A challenge that allows us to continue creating those dreams. Forming life. For this purpose, we have launched IVI Global Education, one more piece in that great challenge that we began almost 30 years ago.

Our commitment is to create knowledge, knowledge that allows us to improve, develop and progress in that common IVI goal, to create life.

When we create life, we know that this is only the first step that this new person, who has just arrived in the world, will learn, grow, enjoy, suffer, laugh, and form as a person.


When we form life, we are forming professionals, people, who will help us to make the dreams of many others continue to come true. IVI Global Education, is created as a project designed for specialists in our field to grow, renew and progress, reaching levels of excellence in their professional field.

Our field is exciting, in constant evolution, where new techniques, new studies, discoveries, investigations happen all the time. Follow its course, move forward, like the life we have created.

IVI Global Education develops a new, more direct, more innovative way of communicating with you.

A new updated, global and avant-garde training offer.

We want you, the doctor, biologist, scientist or student who is passionate about reproductive medicine, to accompany us on this challenge. To continue developing yourself, like that life we have created. To continue in constant evolution.

Participate in this challenge; discover our new website, our new Social Networks, our new discussion forums. Interact with other professionals, learn with our courses, master's degrees, and receive the best personalized training, just for you.

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