Education and training, these are the differences

Education is a human right, a public good and a collective responsibility. That is why the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed today, 24 January, the International Day of Education.
At IVIRMA, interested in the educational and training itineraries of professionals within the field of reproductive medicine, we want to solve a question that is often asked in institutional and business setting: are education and training the same thing? Is an educational plan the same as a training plan? The answer is NO.
Education is one of the pillars of life in society. We view education as a programme of theoretical learning where the sense of judgement and reason is developed, therefore, it normally occurs during a stage of life where, through gradual phases, necessary knowledge is obtained for life in society and for future immersion in a job, whether a trade or a profession.
Training is a professional and instructive practice. Although it is divided into courses and can be gradual, training takes place in a business environment or within a profession. The main difference in relation to training is that a training process is normally training based on the acquisition of skills in a professional environment to be carried out in the present.

New educational itineraries.

Although it has already been made clear that education and training are different concepts and occur on different planes in people´s lives, the boundary is increasingly blurry. Professional training is being extended to training cycles that enable more practical specialisations than usual through shorter periods.
In reproductive medicine we have professionals from training cycles such as nursing and laboratory assistants, who have never stopped training since they began, aside from the classic University route.

IVIRMA, an integrative campus devoted to ongoing training

At IVIRMA, we are pioneers in training professionals in the field of fertility and we thus design training itineraries for each educational background based on their professional objectives.
We are integrators in 360º training thanks to our team of trainers, with a holistic vision of training and the future of reproduction.
If you belong to the health sector and would like to receive training in reproductive medicine, visit our campus.

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