Gametogenesis and ovogenesis, fundamental for reproductive success

Among the Assisted Reproduction procedures, there exist some essential biological fundamentals such as gametogenesis, spermatogenesis and ovogenesis.

Ovogenesis and spermatogenesis play a key role in the stimulation procedures used in assisted reproduction. Knowing and understanding how these cells are formed is fundamental for their study and for diagnosing patients.

Biomedical Science experts know the basis of gamete development, but due to the fast pace of the reproductive research, it is often necessary to review the general concepts of meiosis. This is especially necessary for those medical experts whose careers are oriented towards reproductive medicine.

As our main concerns center on assisted reproduction success rates and the continuous training of our professionals in this field, IVI Global Education has developed an online course on "Gametogenesis, ovogenesis and their deficiencies”. This course promotes the acquisition of skills based on the understanding of these cellular processes and the deficiencies that may exist in them.

With this training, reproduction professionals have the opportunity to learn more about the latest cell biology techniques in order to improve the gametes for reproductive purposes or even to produce them.

Online course on gametogenesis, ovogenesis and their deficiencies

In this online course that begins in December, the student will learn the cytological description of the male and female gametes while taking into account the physiology and their role in the endocrine system. In addition, the course addresses fundamental topics for successful assisted reproduction such as: seminal or oocyte quality, the relationship between ovogenesis and folliculogenesis, in vitro oocyte maturation and the production of in vitro gametes from hes cells.

Dr. Marcos Meseguer, embryologist, scientific supervisor and professor of human reproduction biotechnology, coordinates this course that will be conducted online through the IVIRMA Campus e-learning platform.

Update your knowledge and improve your professional skills by registering for this course here.

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