International IVIRMA Congress, everything ready to debate major fertility issues

Everything is now prepared for the 9th IVIRMA Congress, the international scientific gathering that is organised by IVIRMA Global Education on a biennial basis and that features the world´s most prolific fertility scientists, in order to share their findings, opinions and the next steps of their work groups.
The ninth edition of the IVIRMA Congress will take place in November, virtually and at a crucial time for continuing to make progress within the field of assisted reproduction.

“Scientific congresses are necessary for the advancement of science. The contributions of researchers and their conclusions are the basis of the diagnosis and treatments of the present and the future. These events are crucial and most continue. Having said that, we will be holding this edition virtually, to guarantee the safety of all those attending”, explains Prof. Juan Antonio García Velasco, scientific director of the Congress.

With a scientific programme that will take up a full week, the 9th IVIRMA Congress plans to host more than 1300 gynaecologists, human reproduction experts, obstetricians, embryologists, biologists, nurses, psychologists, and other professionals devoted to reproductive health. And a total of 33 researchers and scientists will gather to present their studies and debate reproductive approaches, diagnoses, treatments, and predictions.

8 debates that will mark a before and after in assisted reproduction

As a new addition, the ninth edition of the IVIRMA Congress will host a total of 8 debates which will be the key foundations of the scientific programme. The appropriate dose of progesterone for patients, the preservation of fertility, pre-eclampsia, recurrent implantation failure, endometritis, immunology, non-invasive PGTA and artificial intelligence, will be the topics of debate about which the audience will be able to reach their own conclusions, according to the data and the studies of the scientists who will support one matter or another.

“Progressing also involves stopping to reflect on specific issues and making an assessment. Science is progressing very quickly in our field, among other things because we are lucky to have a very large group internationally, devoted to resolving the problems of infertile patients. Therefore, it is necessary to review our own standards, while sharing findings with colleagues that highlight the success of the protocols, treatments and techniques that are implemented in order to achieve pregnancy. And this is undoubtedly a perfect edition for doing so, therefore the debates will be at the centre of our congress”, added Prof. García Velasco

The future of AR, from ovarian insufficiency to embryo selection

The 9th IVIRMA Congress will have three outstanding presentations, courtesy of three great scientists, namely Drs Scott, Seli and Pellicer. At 17:30 in the afternoon on Monday 15 November, Wednesday 17 November and Friday 19 November, respectively, they will gather to tackle the Future of embryo selection, the Role of the mitochondria in ovarian ageing and New therapies in women with ovarian insufficiency.
These are three of the main issues that the future of assisted reproduction will revolve around and the speakers are top-level specialists in these fields. Drs Scott, Seli and Pellicer are pioneers in diagnoses, treatments and techniques that are used today in infertility clinics around the world. Who could be better than them to guide us along the path towards reproductive medicine that is more effective, precise and with better results.

Amplifying the message to go further in the treatment of infertile patients

Another new addition at the 9th IVIRMA Congress are the content blocks for professionals that will begin with the treatment of infertility. In the block Professionals with a future, the congress will offer specific talks for residents, students and gynaecologists or obstetricians who wish to acquire basic current knowledge about the treatment of patients or infertile patients.
“The idea is to amplify the message, reach more healthcare professionals and fully involve healthcare professionals with the aim of training them and having them contribute to the fertility scientific community, in order to make quicker progress in the future”, concluded Prof. García Velasco
There will also be 3 workshops aimed at geneticists, psychologists and family doctors, in this new training window that is opening up at the IVIRMA Congress, for specialists who are involved in reproductive health in an increasingly active way.

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