IVIRMA Campus, ongoing training in assisted reproduction at your own pace

Reproductive Medicine is one of the most important medical fields at the moment. The rate of infertility in one out of four individuals at reproductive age estimated by the World Health Organization (WHO) has accelerated, both the research and the training in the field.

According to the last activity log of the Spanish Society of Fertility (SEF) (2018), 9% of Spanish children are born thanks to assisted reproduction treatments. These are state-of-the-art processes that require ongoing updating, in addition to a holistic approach by many physicians.

In IVIRMA, we have designed our own virtual Campus in order to incorporate day-by-day training for physicians. IVIRMA Campus offers a wide variety of subjects, which are focused in all reproductive health care providers: doctors, biologists, nurses… ensuring them ongoing and effective training.

The aim of IVIRMA Campus is helping healthcare professionals to get the skills and knowledge required to develop their careers. The content platform has been curricularly planned by the precursors of many of the technics and updates of assisted reproduction procedures used nowadays. Thus, not only is a place where you can learn and be trained, but also a place to get updates in order to be always on top of reproductive medicine.

One major strength of IVIRMA Campus is that physicians can learn at their own pace, wherever they are at any given moment, from their Smartphone, Tablet or PC, throughout a lot of teaching resources and skills, and competence acquisition at each course.

Ongoing training to accomplish ongoing success

Another advantage of IVIRMA Campus is the way it helps students, showing their progress in such a way they can confirm their new skills, and plan future courses. They can also measure their level of success regarding their training.

All courses are certified by our institution, and students have a private area available for them with all the documents certifying their skills in an easy and user-friendly way.

In IVIRMA, we are aware how fast reproductive medicine evolves, and the importance ok knowing the latest technics, approaches and protocols, because the success of the patients depends on the ongoing improvement of health care professionals.

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