11th Edition
2022/2023 Course

Master of continuing education in the Biotechnology of Human Assisted Reproduction and Embryology

Distance learning (Online)

60 ECTS credits

November 2022

In collaboration with: ADEIT - Fundación Universidad Empresa de la Universidad de Valencia

Tuition fees: 6.700 €

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If you enroll with a friend, you will both get a 600€ discount.



If you enroll in the master and in the TRAINNING & CONSULTING program you will get a special joint price of 11.900€.

What does IVIRMA Global Education mean?

Our students

What does IVI Global Education mean?

Course Content

The programme will cover the mechanisms of fertility, causes of infertility and the assisted reproduction techniques used to combat, as well as those the research techniques applied in the different areas of study and treatment of sterility in humans.

Highly experienced educators

More than 50 experts from different fields of IVIRMA Global, the largest assisted reproduction group in the world, with more than 27 years of clinical, teaching and research experience.

Career Prospects

Upon successful completion of the course you will be qualified to have the skills necessary to work in research centres in the area.

Reproductive Medicine in Numbers

+ 1
Over 2.5 million cycles are carried out every year
+ 1

Assisted Reproduction Treatments in 2019

1 %
The annual market growth rate for global IVF services is currently 9.3%
1 / 1
One in every eight couples struggle to conceive

Other students asked

What are the learning objectives?

To understand the mechanisms of fertility, causes of infertility and the assisted reproduction techniques used to combat them, as well as the research techniques applied to different areas involving the study and treatment of sterility in humans.

What are the professional outcomes?

– To acquire the theoretical foundations and knowledge involved in reproductive physiology as well as the diagnostic and therapeutic techniques applied in the field of assisted reproduction. Included within these headings of reproductive physiology are ovogenesis, spermatogenesis and its deficiencies, along with the associated techniques for obtaining oocytes, fertilization, the process of embryonic development and its associated challenges and problems.
– To understand the causes of sterility, in addition to learning about assisted reproduction techniques and in vitro production of embryos and their culture.
– To learn the techniques adopted in order to improve embryonic quality, the multiplication of embryos and gametes, as well as the techniques used to determine gender.
– To understand the foundations of cryobiology and the preservation of oocytes, embryos, sperm, and stem cells as well as learning about the ethical and legal aspects of assisted reproduction techniques.
– The laboratory component will include learning about the procedures involved in andrology and in vitro fertilization laboratories as well as the genetic diagnosis associated with reproduction, in both patients and embryos.

Who is the course aimed at?

Graduates of undergraduate or postgraduate biomedical degrees, and well as professionals in the field who aim to get and stay up to date with development in the field and be able to offer their patients the best service and help thanks to the knowledge acquired.

What are the benefits of studying the master’s course?

1. Through e-learning, students are able to learn from anywhere, with maximum time and flexibility, in addition to having the opportunity to exchange knowledge with other students and experts in the field.
2. Through the Virtual Classroom, the students have complete access to all materials and related resources to achieve and improve their knowledge.
3. To maintain regular contact with and receive personal monitoring from the course tutors, through several communication tools (forums, chats, internal messaging)
4. To have access to a classroom session from everywhere, through our webinar system, even if you are not able to attend the live session.

TOP 10 Why study the master’s course?

1. Boost your career prospects
2. Have access to new areas of specialization
3. Learn from professionals who are experts in their field
4. Train with real-life cases
5. Access to a worldwide network
6. Update your knowledge with the latest scientific advances
7. Train from anywhere in the world
8. Gain a comprehensive view of the most innovative AR techniques
9. Learn through a training platform with the latest technology
10. Educational institution with more than 20 years of experience

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