Double stimulation in the same cycle, a new strategy for patients with poorovarian response

Ovarian stimulation is perhaps one of the stages of fertility treatment that has changed the most during the past 25 years. What was once a dangerous event has become a personalised and low-risk strategic precursor that is continuouslyadvancing.

At IVIRMA, we are part of the evolution of ovarian stimulation.  Our highly-qualifiedteam of scientists has been conducting research in this field for decades.  We alsooffer one of the most highly demanded courses for professionals wishing to learnabout the latest advances in order to incorporate our state of the art, personalisedtreatments into the fertility services of their clinics.  

The Advanced Course in Ovarian Stimulation and Embryo Transfer to begin on March 5th provides the necessary retraining skills to carry out high-level reproductive medicine. "During this course, the professional learns new protocols that are lessinvasive and more flexible. We address the current strategies in this course, whichinclude carrying out more than one stimulation in the same cycle. This multiplies thechances of success, especially for patients with poor ovarian response," explains Dr. Fabio Cruz, course director.

 Research is currently prioritising more effective protocols that are also more flexible and less aggressive for the patient. "Our aim is to reduce the rigidity of treatmentstart dates and to use oral dosage drugs, thereby minimising the use of injectables. The trend is to improve the patient's quality of life without neglecting the results," adds the course director.

The importance of keeping up to date in ovarian stimulation

It is important to be informed and up to date in all medical fields. In assistedreproduction, however, this is especially fundamental in the field of ovarianstimulation because it is a highly dynamic and technological science. It is essentialthat ovarian stimulation or embryo transfer protocols be current, and the ones from previous decades can no longer be used today.

In IVF, success depends on several variables. From the clinical point of view, however, we have two very important ones: the quality and quantity of oocytesobtained. Both are influenced by the type of ovarian stimulation that we perform. Wemust therefore be prepared to provide our patients with the best option. Moreover, when we consider that success includes patient safety and satisfaction as well as theachievement of pregnancy, ovarian stimulation becomes even more important", concludes Dr. Fabio Cruz.

What you will learn in the Advanced Course in Ovarian Stimulation and EmbryoTransfer

In IVIRMA Education's Advanced Course in Ovarian Stimulation and Embryo Transferyou will find in-depth and up-to-date reviews of the most appropriate stimulationprotocols for each type of patient. You will also learn strategies to optimise thetransfer in even the most complex cases. This course is designed to prepare youprofessionally for any challenge that may arise.

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