The importance of attending conferences

A scientific conference is an event in which researchers from a specific field present and discuss their work. This activity is especially interesting for researchers, university professors, doctoral candidates, and students who wish to specialize in the field.
Within the discipline of Human Reproduction, we can find dozens, the most important at an international level:

    1. The Annual Congress of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE)
      This takes place in a European city towards the end of June or beginning of July and brings together more than 11,000 people. The next edition will be organized in Vienna (Austria).
    2. The Annual Congress of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). This is celebrated in a location in the United States in October and is comprised of more than 9,000 people. The next edition will take place in Philadelphia.
    3. The biennial International IVIRMA Congress.
      This is organized by the group IVIRMA Global, and it takes place in a Spanish city every two years. It brings together around 1,600 people.

At the national level, the Association for Study of Reproductive Biology Conference (ASEBIR) is also prominent and worthy of highlighting. This congress unites more than 500 people.

Asistir a congresos

Why would attending a scientific conference be of interest?


    1. To present an article

      Presenting a publication would grant the opportunity to receive constructive criticism and opinions that could lead to future collaborations.

    2. To create professional relationships

      Meeting specialists from the same field allows you to create future collaborations and to expand the knowledge needed to reach common objectives.  You may also be presented with new professional opportunities.

    3. To publish

      Publishing a research project is always an important aspect to keep in mind since it grants prestige to its author.

    4. To socialize and learn about new cultures

      Meeting specialists from other cultures with differing mentalities and ways of thought can be very enriching, and it is also possible to form new friendships.

    5. To travel

      A rest from our daily obligations is a good way to return to our routines with new found energy, especially when you enrich your mind with knowledge.

    6. To keep up to date with the latest scientific developments

      This is one of the main reasons for attending a congress.  It is the easiest and most dynamic way to keep up to date with the latest technological and knowledge developments.

    7. Motivation

      Meeting professionals who have reached similar goals can be motivating and a source of inspiration to continue persevering in our dreams.

IVIRMA Congress

Why is the International IVIRMA Congress interesting?

The International IVIRMA Congress is one of the most important worldwide congresses in the field of Reproductive Medicine that unites the most internationally renowned professionals.

  • Despite its relevance, however, it is not overcrowded. We always have the opportunity to meet renowned experts, discuss their work with them and to establish future collaborations. These collaborations are one of the main advantages of attending a congress, since this relationship can be lost in one of the more multitudinous conferences.
  • In addition, the Scientific Committee always chooses topics of maximum interest for our discipline taking into account the latest developments that will enhance the professional and personal development of attendees.
  • Likewise, the congress is always held in Spanish cities of outstanding historical and cultural interest. The attendees are also provided with leisure opportunities that enrich their stay at both a scientific and socio-cultural level.

The 8th Edition of the International IVIRMA Congress will take place this year in Palma de Mallorca from April 4-6 and will include the participation of pioneering specialists in Human Reproduction in a World Heritage City (UNESCO) that enjoys an excellent climate.



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