When is World Fertility Day celebrated?

In Spain, we are well aware that June is the month for fertility. And the (In)Fertility Day is June 4th. How about in the rest of the world? We are not sure.There are quite a few days throughout the world when people commemorate the struggle with infertility. After researching to find out when the actual World Fertility Day is celebrated, we have come to the conclusion that the different countries have not yet agreed on a specific date for its celebration.

In Spain and Latin America, June is the [in]Fertility month.

According to the media, fertility websites, and the press archives, Latin American countries and Spain have chosen to designate the month of June as Fertility or Sterility month, depending on the country.

Specifically for Spain, June 4 is the World Fertility Day. Reproductive clinics, medical societies such as SEF y ASEBIR  and the national association of patients Fertility Network have chosen this day to spread fundamental information and aspects regarding the issues that make reproduction possible or impossible.

In the rest of Europe, [in]Fertility Day is celebrated on November 2.

In 2016, the European association for infertile patients, Fertility Europe, established the first week of November as the European Fertility Week. During this time, the association is dedicated to promoting outreach and visibility activities throughout the continent in order to teach the society about the causes and consequences of infertility.

Since then, many countries have designated November 2 as their [in]Fertility Day.

In the USA, [in]Fertility Week is in April

The United States has chosen the second to last week in April to commemorate [in]Fertility. This year’s national fertility week was from April 19 to 25, and was sponsored by Resolve, the National Infertility Association of the United States. According to its members, Resolve was founded in 1974 “by a group of people sitting around the kitchen table”.

As we move around the globe, there are undoubtedly other days, weeks, and perhaps even months when countries commemorate infertility. The date is not the important issue. What is key is the mission represented by this day. It makes this disease more visible and more understood which, in time, assists in its prevention and treatment according to the guidelines and procedures that exist in developed countries.

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