Fellowship Program
2024 / 2025 Edition
Application will be open shortly
Subspecialist Training Program in Reproductive Medicine
for young clinicians specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Directors’ welcome
Fellowship Philosophy
Program content
Application Process
Directors’ welcome
Thank you for your interest in the Training Program for Subspecialists in Reproductive Medicine. As an introduction to our Fellowship in Spain and Italy, we would like to share with you some key facts about our program, philosophy, passion for excellence, and dedication to education in the field of reproductive medicine.

This program began more than 20 years ago under the direction of Prof. Antonio Pellicer, founder of IVI and current CEO of our company.

The initial objectives of this program remain the same since its inception: research, clinical practice and excellence in training, which have always been at the core of our mission and vision.

Our fellowship program takes place at our IVI clinics in Spain and Italy, providing candidates with tremendous opportunities to gain both clinical and academic experience. Its facilities have patient care, laboratory, research and administrative space, which continue to evolve to improve the care provided to patients. IVIRMA, a global company, offers you unparalleled opportunities to learn, collaborate and contribute.

At IVIRMA we have high expectations for those selected for our subspecialization program: a commitment to excellence in reproductive medicine.

Prof. Antonio Pellicer, Prof. Juan Antonio García-Velasco and Dr. José Bellver
Program Directors

Fellowship Philosophy
IVIRMA is a medical institution whose mission is to develop reproductive medicine at the highest level, promoting research, teaching and the dissemination of knowledge and professional excellence.

Our vision is to be the world leader in the field of reproductive medicine, becoming the group with the most prolific presence and the best clinical results. We are a reference group in medical quality, research and teaching.

Your education, training, research work, professional career and personal goals are the priority of our program. The unique set of experiences offered to our fellows during their training program prepares them to become future leaders in the field of reproductive medicine.

Our educational philosophy is based on five fundamental elements that will prepare you to be a future professional in Reproductive Medicine:

1. Comprehensive clinical training
2. Academic breadth in all areas of reproductive medicine
3. Knowledge and practical skills in relation to human embryology and ART laboratories
4. Opportunities to design, execute and publish prospective clinical studies
5. Access to the most advanced techniques to carry out meaningful and innovative research
The reasons for choosing a fellowship at IVIRMA are:
  • Our experience. We have 30 years of experience in the latest reproductive techniques training.

  • Our activity. We are pioneers in Reproductive Medicine. Every year thousands of reproduction treatments are carried out in the world with protocols designed by our medical-scientific team.

  • Our faculty. Our teachers are authors of hundreds of scientific articles published in the most prestigious journals in the world.

  • Our relationship with universities. We are affiliated with some of the most prestigious universities and our programs are sponsored by the main medical and scientific societies.

  • Our graduates. Many of the medical professionals and embryologists who work in our clinics have been students of our fellowship programs in Spain and the USA.
We are looking for the best professionals of the future, authentic leaders in assisted reproduction
Program content
Your education, training, research work, professional career and personal goals are the priority of our program. The unique set of experiences offered to our fellows during their year of training prepares them to become leaders in the field of reproductive medicine.
During this period you can expect:
  • Educational program and evaluation of tutors.

  • Assistance to the clinical management of patients, IVF laboratory, endocrinology, andrology, genetics, early pregnancy, ultrasound, statistics and research.

  • Training activities in the clinic and patient management sessions.

  • Attendance to workshops, patient management sessions and discussion of scientific articles.

  • Free registration on the Master’s Degree in Human Reproduction with a scholarship from the IVI Foundation.

  • Free registration to our IVIRMA Congress in April 2023.

  • Access to company’s training resources.
Application Process
Our Global Education team will help you as a candidate throughout the entire application process to participate in the program, to make the process easier and simpler.
The main participation requirements are as follows:
  • Graduate in Medicine with the specialty of Gynecology and Obstetrics, or be in the process of finishing the specialization, to be completed before starting the training program.

  • Student visa for those candidates from outside the European Union who are selected. Candidates must personally process the application in order to participate in the program.

  • Native level or C1 certification in Spanish or Italian. Knowledge of other languages, especially English, would be an asset.

The program does NOT include:
  • Cost of travel and living expenses during the program.

  • Accommodation costs.

  • Economic remuneration.

Documentation to be submitted (must be provided in Spanish):
  • Application form.

  • Updated CV.

  • Bachelor’s/Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine.*

  • Academic record from the Faculty of Medicine.

  • Title of specialization in Gynecology and Obstetrics or transcript if the specialization has not been completed.

  • Two letters of reference (at least one letter must be from your current manager).

  • Current passport size photo.

  • Motivation letter.

*For those candidates from outside the European Union, the validation of the degree or Apostille from The Hague is required.
  • Applications may be submitted until July 4th, 2022 at 23:59h.

  • The selected candidates will be announced on July 25th, 2022.

  • Those selected must accept their participation in the program by August 16th, 2022.

  • The destination assigned to each fellow will be announced as of September 21st, 2022.

  • Program start date December 2022.

“I did the Gynecology residency at Hospital La Fe in Valencia, during which I became interested in assisted reproduction. After finishing the residency, I started the fellowship program at IVI Valencia. There I learned alongside great professionals everything related to high-level reproductive medicine, in addition to learning about the latest technology applied to human reproduction. All this has allowed me to become the director of the IVI Bilbao clinic, one of the largest in the group, where I continue to work based on the three pillars I learned: clinical excellence, teaching and research.”
Dr. Marcos Ferrando
Gynecologist, specialist in Reproductive Medicine.
Director of IVI Bilbao.
Fellow 2007-2009 edition of the IVIRMA Reproductive Medicine Subspecialization program.
“There is a before and after in my professional career, I have learned a lot both on a practical and theoretical level. I feel that I have channeled my professional career in the best direction”
Dr. Gulia Mariani
Gynaecologist, specialist in Reproductive Medicine at IVI Rome.
Fellow 2017-2019 edition of the IVIRMA Reproductive Medicine Subspecialization program.
“I had access to all the Reproductive Medicine areas of the clinic, from the consultation to the laboratory, operating room, endocrinology, genetics, etc. In addition to participating in interesting research projects and creating my own, I was learning from professionals who are a world reference in the field. And most importantly, they are professionals who are approachable, who enjoy teaching and are always ready to share their knowledge. Without a doubt, IVIRMA Fellowship program was the best choice”
Dr. Pedro Brandao
Gynaecologist, specialist in Reproductive Medicine at IVI Lisboa.
Fellow 2020-2022 edition of the IVIRMA Reproductive Medicine Subspecialization program.
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