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We offer a wide range of specialist services, specifically designed to meet the needs and objectives of each of our customers, on the basis of their own needs and objectives.

14 September, 2023

Interview with Joseph Akintujoye, former student of our online master’s degree.

“If there is one thing that sets the Master of Continuing Education in the Biotechnology of Human Assisted Reproduction and Embryology programme apart from other programmes, it is the level… Read more

28 July, 2023

An AI diagnosis distinguishes with 95% accuracy between a good and a bad endometrial prognosis.

For the past 40 years, reproductive medicine research has been heavily focused on studying and improving embryo quality. However, the role of the endometrium is also crucial, since this is… Read more

28 June, 2023

"One of the biggest questions in reproductive medicine is how and when to preserve the fertility of transgender patients", Dr. Joana Peñarrubia

As the new transgender law comes into force, it grants transgender people the right to preserve their fertility before undergoing gender reassignment. This causes reproductive medicine specialists to raise questions… Read more

IVIRMA Global Education

We are IVIRMA Global Education, the educational institution of IVIRMA’s group, specialized in the field of Human Assisted Reproduction.

Our educational program offers a wide range of master’s and specialist courses aimed at training and updating the technical skills of those professionals interested in this field of knowledge.